SafetyMonitor Features

Managing your Health and Safety has never been easier

Safety Monitor is a complete H&S solution. It allows for information to be stored and accessed with ease, and lets you to keep tabs on all of your consumable items, your tools and assets, vehicles, and more. Use the customisable dashboard to help automate your workload with alerts and schedules.
Safety Monitor is the perfect launchpad for all the Health and Safety activities across your business.


Improved Asset Tracking

Keeping track of business assets can be a cumbersome task, with many different types of consumables and larger assets.

SafetyMonitor makes it easy to collect and track your levels or asset information, you can easily manage:

  • First-aid supplies
  • Fire equipment
  • AEDs
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Vehicles
  • Equipment
  • Immunisation Scheduling
  • Anything you need

Better Information Collection

Store all your information securely in the cloud, making it accessible from anywhere at any time. Our system allows for verbose record-keeping, giving you the tools to easily recall information that you need or to quickly amend existing notes on key staff members or equipment.

Take care of all of these and more:

  • A library of documents & procedures
  • Incident register and reporting
  • Staff training and certificates
  • Staff vaccination records
  • Vehicle and equipment information
  • Hazardous substance registers
  • Meetings and policy updates


Reducing Administration

Easily see at a glance any upcoming or overdue tasks with the customisable dashboard and get better visibility over your workload with these features:

  • Create user accounts for staff members and delegate tasks directly to their calendars
  • Schedule and undertake checks on key areas of your business
  • Easily generate detailed reports on H&S activity
  • Use the hazard register to identify risks and set review schedules
  • Receive email reminders for upcoming or overdue checks and tasks


Safety Monitor is your one-stop solution for everything Health and Safety.

Begin your free trial today, and experience our platform risk-free.