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How it All Started

In 2016, the husband and wife team, Mike and Helen Mander, set up Safety Monitor after looking for a health and safety solution for their award-winning AED first aid training company, Heart Saver NZ Ltd.

"Heart Saver was a small business with a team of 15, and health and safety was becoming a definite pain point for us, where we needed a solution. What we built was a simple and versatile system that would fit almost any small-medium business, and after getting some feedback, we realised we had accidentally built a really popular and in-demand product, and a new business was born!" says Helen Mander, Safety Monitor.

A New Zealand owned and operated company, Safety Monitor encourages proactive health and safety responsibility for business owners, directors and managers of small to medium businesses by bringing all health and safety records and monitoring together into a single, easy to use system, accessible from any device, with all data secured in the cloud.

Three since its founding, Safety Monitor has over 1,000 users on their system across New Zealand and Australia and leading industry customer retention rates, Safety Monitor is the perfect and simple solution for any small to medium business, regardless of industry.

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