What's new in July?

07 July 2021

Release Notes - July 2021

A few adjustments this month, plus a couple of bug fixes. See below for the full list of changes. 


 New / Improved

1. Updated instructional notes for bulk uploads

Additional information is now provided for users who wish to bulk upload data. The expanded notes make the user aware that any existing data will not be overwritten or updated. New records will be created for each item included in the upload file.

2. New data field in Vehicle Checks module

Users are now able to record and report on a vehicles ‘Last Service Date’.  This will enable users to run reports on service date history and assist with determining when future services need to be booked or scheduled.

3. Improvement to Permissions for User accounts

Account Owners and Administrators are now offered a more granular permission level for their users. When View + Add / Edit Own Items is selected, the user will not be able to view or add/edit any records in their designated Locations unless specifically assigned to them.  This enhancement provides account Owners and Administrators improved management and control over what information is created, viewed and deleted by account users.



  • Assigned Staff field is now disabled for users without View + Add / Edit Own Items i.e. only those staff members with the appropriate permission level will show in the selection list for records.
  • Auto render correction for Field ID data for bulk uploads.



  • New data fields to be added to People module to enable recording of flu + COVID-19 vaccination data
  • The default number of Action lines in Simple Checks will be increased
  • The menu scroll bar default size is to be increased
  • Significant enhancements to both the Risk & Hazard Register + Incident Registers to improve the user experience and reporting capabilities
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